About Us

What is Extra Mile Gifts?

Welcome to Extra Mile Gifts, where we believe in harnessing the power of unique and sophisticated gifts to convey what is in your heart. Every item in our collection has been carefully handpicked to carry the weight of your sentiment, allowing you to go the extra mile to show your loved ones just how much you truly care.

Explore our range of thoughtfully crafted products and let your heartfelt message shine through. At Extra Mile Gifts, we believe that meaningful gestures are the most precious gifts of all.

Our Mission

We believe that decisions should be made with passion by a team obsessed with what they do. We take serious measures to ensure that all our products are truly special.  That passion from our team and an incessant urge to provide our customers with some of the highest quality apparel and prints in the industry has pushed us to do things differently!

Customer Support

Our customer service policy is simple: our customers are our family and family comes first! We pride ourselves on always being available to answer any questions you may have! Our amazing customer support staff is committed to your satisfaction and each time you contact us, it's a chance to build an unforgettable relationship. We are always available to assist and help you.

Our products are designed, fulfilled, and shipped from the USA. 

Have Questions? Shoot us an email at info@extramilegifts.com

Safe & Secure Shopping

Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us! We use state-of-the-art encryption technology (SSL) to protect your credit card/personal information. Your information is 100% safe when you shop with us. We will occasionally email you to alert you of our upcoming special sales or new arrivals, but you are free to opt out of these emails with one click.